Christmakah Party Reminder + Gift Guide for the Concious Hippie

HI! Two Things:

  1. We are having a Christmakah Party this Friday night at 9pm following our special ‘‘Un-Wrap Yourself’’ themed workshop//class at 8pm. I had a pretty clear download of what this workshop//class was going to be about and also that it was to be on this Friday and I got goosebumps when I later found out that it is also Winter Solstice!!!! A time for rebirthing and renewed energy on its own. I am really excited to share what's been coming through with ya'll I have a feeling this is going to be a powerful experience for everyone who attends. Make sure you sign up in advance for the class (the party after is open to everyone). Members message me to save a mat and guests register online here.

  2. I wanted to give anyone who is on the hill an alternative to going to town for Christmas shopping and share a few of the things that we have at the studio that are pretty much guaranteed to make any yogi // fitness // health conscious hipster in your life happy. Of course presence is #1, but if you’re also into giving presents, follow along:

We have Half Moon Silk (and cotton) Eye Pillows. If you’ve ever been to our classes there is a good chance you’ve tasted the Kool-Aid. If you haven’t, its a pretty darn nice way to treat yourself while you rest, sleep, meditate, astro-travel or whatever other activities you’re into doing with your eyes closed.

half moon eye pillow.jpg

We also have 4 Sigmatic Mushroom coffees that if you listen to podcasts about subjects in the realm of consciousness, health, wellness, magic etc. - you’ve probably heard about. Everyone raves about this stuff and I’m gonna preach about it too because it helped me get off a heavy multiple cups of coffee a day habit and thanks to these drinks I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. They taste good. I feel better. I sleep better. It’s honestly been amazing. We have it in 3 flavors in single packets and also in 20 pack cases.

4 sigmatic coffee.jpg

Perfect for the gal who loves her a ring we are offering all of our Pura Vida Rings for $20 up until Christmas. There are mountains, geo shapes and wave rings and lemme tell ya guys - chicks dig them.

pura vida rings.jpg

We also have the bomb diggity telephone cord hair ties. A few scrunchies. Kombucha. Palo Santo holy wood - cool for the cat who is into incense, candles and that world of things.

We most recently got in a shipment of THE MOST AMAZING pants. There are 2 different kinds; 1 makes you feel like you’re in a HUG and the other makes you feel like you’re NAKED. So depending on which kind of feeling you’re wanting to be feeling, we got you a top quality pant to move and groove in for that.

If you have a Mntn Yoga fan in your life there are the super soft Mntn Yoga hoodies, eco tanks and waterbottles of the swell quality too.

And of course - we have gift cards!!!

Photo @dahul

Photo @dahul

If you’re planning to come and do some XMas shopping pop in 15 or 20 minutes before any of our regularly scheduled classes. Regardless of your plans I hope that you enjoy the holidays.

And remember. For everything in the world that Mastercard can’t buy - there’s yoga. We have some RAD stuff being offered over the holidays, come visit!





Consider this your official invite to join us this Friday night (as long as you are a lady) for some lovely yoga and massage, a spot of wine if you fancy and some hang time with other humans who share common interests. Guys, we will have something soon for you but this one is just for the girls.

This ladies night is really about 2 things:

  1. Bringing people together.

  2. R words: Rest, relax, hitting the reset button so that you can re-enter your life re-inspired.

This Fridays ladies night is going to be extra special and I’m not sure why yet as right now it’s just a feeling that I have. The last few years of my life have been accompanied by many life lessons and one of the more powerful game changing teachings has been that my feelings are 100% always spot on.

SO. Trusting that and using my feeling that this Friday is going to be special as a compass it is with this blog post that I again invite you to join us to share in the magic. The cost for this Fridays Ladies Night is just $17 and this includes an optional glass of wine. The class is already 50% sold out so if you’re planning to be there make sure you get your ticket!!! Members are free, my thank you for always showing up and doing the work, just make sure you let me know (email or DM me) that you’re coming so that I can save a mat for you.

Before signing off perhaps a little more about what the Yoga+Massage class is about for those of you who have yet to experience it would be helpful. Its a yin style yoga class that will stretch you deeply while at the same time you receive traditional hands-on massage, acupressure and shiatsu points from a team of trained massage and yoga therapists. All accompanied by nice music and a glass of wine. It has been described as floating on heaven’s clouds in the arms of angels....

The studio doors will open at 730pm on Friday with the class starting around 8pm followed by an open house to hang and connect after class.

Here is the ticket link.

I am so looking forward to this! It’s always such a treat to offer the yoga+massage experience.



PS - This photo was taken during a day class where this Fridays yoga portion of the event will be mostly in the dark, the space is nice and warm and lit by candles. #blissout

yoga massage.jpg

WINTER 2018/2019

Welcome to the Mountain Yoga website!!! This about us and blog section is here to help you get a feel for who we are and what we do. The hill opens tomorrow and because a lot of people have been asking I wanted to let you know what’s going on (so far) at Mountain Yoga this year.

First of all, in case we haven’t met yet, I’m Stacy - I own the studio and you will likely see me teaching a lot of the classes. Mountain Yoga was established in November of 2017 by my husband and I. We were up here and saw the need for something like this and from there the rest is history that I try not to think too much about because looking back making it all happen with our 2 young children in tow and everything else we had going on last year, well it was a pretty wild time. It was also our 9th pretty major renovation as a couple in 11 years and lemme tell ya, if you wanna know if your relationship game is strong, dive into a renovation project or 9.

stacy zeman mountain yoga kelowna.jpg

Our family lives at Big White Ski Resort year round. We are all fully Canadian and BC bred. I was actually born and raised in Kelowna and grew up skiing Big White. I started skiing here at such a young age that I can distinctly remember peeing my snow pants…. True story. Our son Carter is almost 5 and he goes to the Big White Community School down in Happy Valley and our daughter Taylor turned 1 in June. For the record my husband who I have not yet officially married but will soon, is named Ragnar and his sweet amazing supportive open willing down for the cause lets do it attitude is a major part of what goes down at the studio even though he isn’t around as much as he would like to be. Mainly because life with 2 little ones and 2 businesses (he is a framing and concrete contractor) is pretty full! He calls it a 3 ring circus. Me? I call it full. Clearly he needs to do more yoga….. We will work on it along with the many other things that we are working on. ANYWAYS. Onward with the post.

I started working in the health and fitness industry almost 13 years ago and have been softening ever since. I found a yoga mat for real 11 years ago while living in Whistler and it has been a slow and steady unravelling over time that led me to here and now. Prior to Mountain Yoga I owned New Wave Fitness in Kelowna which I sold just after we opened the studio on the hill. I had a good 10 year run with that business baby but the passion for hardcore fitness (and 6am classes!) had fizzled and I was burnt out. For me in whatever I am doing passion is my main driver. Sports and athletics (along with burpees) when I was a personal trainer were big for me and now I’m more drawn to yoga of all kinds, dance and nature, spiritual practices, energy medicine and stuff like that. I am big into the woo-woo… More so that I tend to admit. Though if we’re being honest I do still love a good session of burpees.

The Mountain Yoga studio definitely runs on passion, connections, being in community and another one of my true loves - sharing the gift of movement with people. I think that there is so much freedom, joy and self expression that can come from physical movement of any form really and I am also a believer that physical movement is a great entry point to unlocking mental, emotional and spiritual movement in people. AKA growth. Through the practice of yoga, which is really a lot alike the practice of life, I find myself continually learning, evolving and often times after a little (or more often a big fall down) picking myself back up, dusting myself off and being able to take my life up to the next level. I am currently in a good place where my reality is actually better than I previously could have imagined possible. This is all many thanks to the magic of yoga, a commitment to growth and doing the work in my life. I know it won’t always be like this but while things are good I am allowing myself to fully revel in it. More about all of this life and that yoga another time. To move towards wrapping this up, here is the Winter 2018/2019 forecast for the studio.

We are currently looking for your feedback on our schedule, class times and types that you would like to see cause right now I just stare at my computer with my mouth open when I think about what to offer. I am planning to move towards a full schedule somewhere in and around December 11th. It looks as though the schedule this year will be posted every Sunday for the next week or two and the schedule may change slightly week to week. Something like an evening class or 2 each day of the week and both and AM and a PM class on weekends.

Apart from our regularly scheduled yoga classes, of which there will be a mix of all types from power to yin and the flow in between, I am SUPER excited to share with you some amazing practitioners and guest teachers that are coming up to visit for workshops and one off classes. While we are still confirming a lot of them you can see what we already have set in stone and ready for sign ups on our events page.

I have an entire post for later dedicated to one of my greatest teachers Pam Rader who is coming up on January 5th which is also serendipitously my 35th birthday! She is a masterful Baptiste Yoga instructor, the owner of Shift Power Yoga in West Kelowna, a huge inspiration to many and just an extraordinary leader at cause for more leaders in the world. That she is coming up is a huge win for anyone who chooses to attend her workshop. I have yet to see an accurate description of one of her classes, workshops or trainings cause what she does, the impact she has on people, you really can’t put into words. If I was talking to a friend about anything I have ever done with Pam I would say she first opens and then BLOWS my mind without fail. If you like to have your mind expanded and blown, you do not want to miss this one!!!!

The most adorable and sweetest human Dawn Petrin is coming up before that on December 15th to treat Mountain Yoga to a Restorative Hot Stone Yoga class - she owns Tandava Yoga in Kelowna which has become one of my fave places to practice when I’m in town as of late.

So that there really isn’t a plan for this season is kind of the plan. I’m going to teach a good majority of the regularly scheduled classes. Have guest teachers come up from town once in a while as well as these one off workshops and special events that you will see popping up.

We have the kids and adult hip hop classes that will be on-going throughout the winter season and are hella fun for humans of all ages. YES I am going to keep the fitness classes running once or twice a week cause ya’ll people seem to love it. And there is also the Alpine Kids Pop Up Play School every Wednesday designed to let kids be kids and parents be free of said kids for a few hours…. OH we have also added a massage therapist to our team, Alana will start taking bookings as of December 1st outside of our regularly scheduled classes.

I’m going to not take any of it too seriously. I’m going to teach what I know, which is what I’ve learned from what I’ve experienced in life so far. Stay curious and open to learning more…. Have some fun. Do some down dogs. Say some prayers. Meet some cool new people. And hopefully touch, move and inspire a few of them…. I’m going to try to blog more both here and personally and that’s pretty much it for now as I am really taking it day by day. I do plan to dive a little deeper into some or all of this and more next time.

Until then and for now, I must get my beauty rest before opening day tomorrow!!!

Peace out and much love.


stacy zeman mountain yoga kelowna big white.jpg