Consider this your official invite to join us this Friday night (as long as you are a lady) for some lovely yoga and massage, a spot of wine if you fancy and some hang time with other humans who share common interests. Guys, we will have something soon for you but this one is just for the girls.

This ladies night is really about 2 things:

  1. Bringing people together.

  2. R words: Rest, relax, hitting the reset button so that you can re-enter your life re-inspired.

This Fridays ladies night is going to be extra special and I’m not sure why yet as right now it’s just a feeling that I have. The last few years of my life have been accompanied by many life lessons and one of the more powerful game changing teachings has been that my feelings are 100% always spot on.

SO. Trusting that and using my feeling that this Friday is going to be special as a compass it is with this blog post that I again invite you to join us to share in the magic. The cost for this Fridays Ladies Night is just $17 and this includes an optional glass of wine. The class is already 50% sold out so if you’re planning to be there make sure you get your ticket!!! Members are free, my thank you for always showing up and doing the work, just make sure you let me know (email or DM me) that you’re coming so that I can save a mat for you.

Before signing off perhaps a little more about what the Yoga+Massage class is about for those of you who have yet to experience it would be helpful. Its a yin style yoga class that will stretch you deeply while at the same time you receive traditional hands-on massage, acupressure and shiatsu points from a team of trained massage and yoga therapists. All accompanied by nice music and a glass of wine. It has been described as floating on heaven’s clouds in the arms of angels....

The studio doors will open at 730pm on Friday with the class starting around 8pm followed by an open house to hang and connect after class.

Here is the ticket link.

I am so looking forward to this! It’s always such a treat to offer the yoga+massage experience.



PS - This photo was taken during a day class where this Fridays yoga portion of the event will be mostly in the dark, the space is nice and warm and lit by candles. #blissout

yoga massage.jpg