Monday 18

1000am-1100am POWER YOGA

530pm-630pm APRES SKI YOGA

Wednesday 20

830am-1200pm POP UP PLAY SCHOOL

530pm-630pm FITNESS FLOW

Thursday 21

530pm-630pm APRES SKI YOGA

Friday 22

time coming soon $11 FRIDAYS

Saturday 23

630pm-730pm YOGA+MASSAGE

Sunday 24

530pm-630pm APRES SKI YOGA

Schedule changes weekly check back often.

Drop ins welcome + private classes available!


POWER YOGA: A physically demanding yoga practice that will make you sweat and leave you feeling like you’re walking on sunshine. Expect to move through and hold a variety of standing and floor postures. This class can be modified for all levels all that we ask is that you’re game for anything and open to that anything that is possible. Come to this class to get stronger, more flexible and improve balance in both your body and your mind.

APRES SKI YOGA: The Apres Ski Yoga is a little more chilled out and somewhere in the middle of the road as far as effort and ease go. Typically you will get your body warmed up with some flows and move into the second half of the class for a deep stretch. That said, we are always receptive to how you’re feeling when you roll in and so we leave a little extra room for compromise at Apres depending on how deep the days pow was. Come to this class if you want to breathe, move and stretch.

YOGA+MASSAGE: During this yin style yoga class you will stretch deeply while receiving traditional hands on massage, acupressure and shiatsu points from a team of trained massage and yoga therapists.   Its like floating on heavens clouds in the arms of angels. Come to this class if you want to treat your body and zen out.

FITNESS FLOW: A yoga inspired fitness class (or a fitness inspired yoga class) that uses a special blend of the asana, calisthenics, plyometrics, agility, strength, stability, cardio and core conditioning and maybe even some pilates, dance and barre moves to get you fit enough to out-ski your bro-skis. Can be done in runners or barefoot. Come to this class if you want to get connected and have a good sweat.

ADULT DROP IN DANCE: All styles and all levels. Our adult dance classes are just a $10 drop in, open to every body, to move and to have fun. Come to lose yourself and find yourself in movement and music.

KIDS DANCE: Melis is in the house teaching our kids the joy of movement, encouraging freedom in expression and putting a little swagger back in the soul. Classes are held every Sunday at 3pm and open to kiddos ages 3-5. Send your kiddos to class to move, learn and grow.

KIDS YOGA: Yoga shapes, games, stories and teachings for tiny humans ages 3-5. All of our kids classes aim to help little ones create a strong sense of self, allow freedom in expression and creativity and work towards helping them feel more connected to the world around them and in who they are. Send your kiddos to class to exercise, express and connect their developing minds and bodies to their ever present spirits.

MNTN MEDITATION: Join us for a by-donation meditation sit. If you have a cushion or pillow please bring it and if not we will roll you up a yoga mat!!! Come to this class to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, to create a little more space and awareness between your two ears.

POP UP PLAY SCHOOL: A safe social space for toddlers and pre-schoolers to come together to move, grow and learn through play. Expect drawing, writing, numbers, letters, arts and crafts, play dough, puzzles, books, shapes, colors, letters, sorting…. Reading, singing, dancing, exploring, nature walks, free time outside and more. Teacher Michelle holds both Early Childhood and School Teacher qualifications and is excited to put her experience to work in our community. Through child led play based learning your children’s natural gifts and talents will be encouraged and nurtured so that they can grow into their most whole, confident and true selves. Classes are held every Wednesday. Drop off between 830+9, pick up between 1130+12. Registration is open to children from 18 months - 4 years. Bring your kiddo to Play School if you want a little free time!!!

You will find us in Building 3 at Stonebridge Lodge next to 6 Degrees a short 1 minute walk from the Village Center Mall and the top of the Gondola.

We are the worlds ONLY ski in // ski out yoga studio and if you’re coming by way of shred we are a skiers left half way down Easy Street.

Join us for a yoga, dance, fitness or kids class.

Come in to shop our small health and wellness retail section.

Or inquire to book our space for your private retreat, workshop or event.

You will always find the most current version of the class schedule living online here and can please email info@bigwhitemountainyoga.com with any questions.

We look forward very much to meeting you, moving you and welcoming you warmly hOMe.