Welcome to Alpine Play School.

Move. Grow. Learn.

A safe social space for toddlers and pre-schoolers to come together and learn through play. Expect drawing, arts and crafts, play dough, puzzles, shapes, colors, letters, sorting…. Reading, singing, dancing, nature walks, outside time and more.

Teacher Michelle holds both Early Childhood and School Teacher qualifications and is excited to put her experience to work in our community. Through child led play based learning your children’s natural gifts and talents will be encouraged and nurtured so that they can grow into their most whole, confident and true selves.

Days + Times:

Classes are held every Wednesday morning.

Drop off is between 830am+900am. Pickup between 1130am+1200pm.

Registration is open to children from 18 months - 4 years and is limited to 6 children per day.

Each class is $33.