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  • Mountain YOga 5257 Big White Road Big White Canada (map)

This lady tribe of soul sisters getting together is inspired first and foremost off of Lori Harders A Tribe Called Bliss - a book written to help you break through superficial friendships, create real connections and reach your highest potential.

The conversations are based largely on Lacy Phillips’ Free +Native blog and workshops which host home to a modern guide for holistic living, a grounded approach to manifestation rooted in psychology, neuroscience and energetics.

And of course fueled by life and what’s going on for you. This is a group that offers real friendship, empowerment, un-conditional acceptance and un-waivering support in a space that is safe to show up, share and be seen.

In order to get the most out of the experience take some time to listen to this podcast on the Tribe Called Bliss, check out the Free+Native website and listen to any of Lacy Phillips podcasts, here, here, here and or also here, here and watch this video here before coming.

We are not selling anything and there is no cost to join!!! This is 100% for real, authentic growth, inspiration, community and connection.

Lets lift and light each other up.

The first meeting is Sunday January 6th at 8pm. All you need to bring is you and an open mind.

Earlier Event: January 5
Later Event: February 2